What People Say When They Gossip About Us

We're tired of talking about ourselves. Here's what our clients have to say:

"EthnikPR saved the day. This was the coolest thing we’ve done in a while, and people were totally digging it."
Anne Sophie Breuning, Board Member - Project Ahimsa
“EthnikPR constantly leverages its wide PR reach to motivate new audiences.”
Robin Sukhadia - Ali Akbar College of Music
“EthnikPR’s outreach and subsequent results not only gave me exposure; it gave me a new credibility with those I do business with as well.”
Sandeep Sood, CEO - Doubtsourcing
"EthnikPR thinks outside the box, responds to calls and e-mails quickly, and puts the client’s needs first."
Paul Grewal, Former President, National South Asian Bar Association
"..A true innovator in the marketing industry."
Mariko Zapf, Director of Marketing - eMbience
"We were very impressed with the energy, excitement and truly innovative ideas that came out of the EthnikPR team."
"A strong base of South Asian American clients."
India Abroad