Our Services

There is no cookie-cutter structure that works for every client. Wherever it is you want to go, we can help you get there with our customized plans, complete with milestones and deliverables that meet your business goals beyond a pretty story here and there. The services below are just a sampling of what we can offer to you and your business.

Media Relations

Whether it is getting the attention of journalists, fielding inquiries or setting up drinks after work, we keep clients close but our media friends closer.

Grassroots/Viral Marketing

In this increasingly digital world, brand loyalty is still fought in the trenches with a consistent message across all formats. Sometimes a good ol' face-to-face interaction that leads to an informative interaction can build customers one person at a time.

Media Buying

From television to Internet, print to radio, we tailor the best possible use of various media platforms available to you. We analyze your target audiences, stay abreast of media developments, read market trends and understand the motivations of the ethnic consumer so you don't have to. Let us create your media plan and use our expertise to make it happen.


Developing and staying true to your brand are the core metrics for success. Whether entering a consumer or business marketplace - programs reflect the company, culture and ultimately your positioning in the competitive landscape. EthnikPR has worked in this space since its inception and has expertise to brand your company in a way that is culturally relevant.

Event Strategy

Creating an event or promotion with your brand allows customers and partners to interact one on one with your company. EthnikPR creates events and promotional strategies for all elements of your business from client receptions to product launches.

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Stunts, promotions, rumors-buzz is determined when everyone least expects it. EthnikPR has the experience - conservative and crazy - to allow your brand to stick out and be heard.

Affiliate Marketing

Put your brand where your targets are. Getting onto the thousands of Web sites in the South Asian market is intimidating to even the most experienced brand marketer. Accountability, efficiency and measured marketing is the dirty work that really takes a product from buzz to revenue.

Partnerships & Strategic Alliances

Entering a market is like visiting a country - the best way to accomplish either is by going through a local source. EthnikPR can introduce you to the right catalysts for your business. By tapping into the expertise, audience, brand loyalty and consumer base of local strategic partners, our clients experience hypergrowth, scaling past competitors and building barriers to entry.


Print, radio, blogs, cable TV...what is the right media mix? What are you, as a marketer, missing? The South Asian American media market is more surprising than you think. It's jam packed with long-tail influencers, regional promoters and trusted media outlets. EthnikPR can guide you through the right media mix.